Black Sands

Ages 13+, 2-4 Players, 20-45 Minutes.

Black Sands is a high energy fantasy arena combat game. Designed with realistic combat in mind, Black Sands is a low luck, high strategy game. Players prepare defensive cards to different sides of their hero, and then tactically maneuver on their turn to unleash savage attacks. Victory lies in anticipating enemy actions and landing your own massive combos. Stand alone or alongside teammates. With a second copy, the max player count is increased to 8!


  • Choose from epic fantasy Heroes such as the Duelist, Hunter, Mage, or Paladin. Mix and match decks to create hybrid classes.
  • Use terrain and strategically position your hero. Leaving your back exposed will always be a deadly mistake.
  • Prepared defenses are specific to a direction, how you position your hero is vitally important.
  • Modular terrain allows for over 6 Trillion possible map configurations.


At the start of each turn, players prepare defensive cards to one of their three front sides. Because prepared cards can only affect the prepared side, strategic planing and positioning is a major aspect of gameplay.


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